Ana Trisovic

Research Associate

Ana Trisovic (Ana Trišović; pronounced: aa-na trEE-sho-viCH) is a Research Associate at NSAPH. Her work focuses on data engineering, computational reproducibility, and open science. She is a member of the early-career board of Harvard Data Science Review (HDSR) and the review board in data science and reproducibility of the Journal of Systems Research (JSys). Previously, she was a postdoctoral scholar at IQSS, where she worked with the Dataverse team, and at the University of Chicago, where she worked with the Energy Policy Institute (EPIC) and the Library. She completed her Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Cambridge in 2018 on “Data preservation and reproducibility at the LHCb experiment at CERN”. While at CERN, she worked with the LHCb collaboration, CERN Open Data and CERN Analysis Preservation groups. During her Ph.D., she was a scholar of the Muir Wood studentship of the Newnham College, CERN doctoral student program, and Google Anita Borg Memorial scholarship.