Sophie-An Kingsbury Lee

Undergraduate Student
Harvard College

Sophie-An is an A.B. candidate in Environmental Science & Engineering at Harvard College interested in the intersection of environmental science, health, and economics.

a picture of Catherine Adcock

Catherine Adcock

Program Assistant
Harvard Data Science Initiative

Catherine Adcock is primarily the Program Assistant at the Harvard Data Science Initiative, but she also assists the program coordination of the National Studies on Air Pollution and Health group. Catherine provides administrative support to the HDSI, Harvard Data Science Review, NSAPH, and to Dr. Francesca Dominici in her roles of faculty co-director of the HDSI and Professor of Biostatistics. Catherine graduated from Capital University with a BA in History.

a photo of Keith Barnatchez

Keith Barnatchez

PhD Student
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Keith Barnatchez is a biostatistics PhD student at Harvard University, advised by Rachel Nethery and Giovanni Parmigiani. He is interested in developing methods for addressing challenges to observational causal inference, particularly when 1) important variables are subject to measurement error, and 2) data is collected from numerous sources, each with their own potential sources of bias. Keith also works with Marie-Abele Bind on developing methods for external control trials in…

Léonard Boussioux

Research Collaborator
Massachusetts Institute of Technology & University of Washington

Léonard Boussioux, a final year Ph.D. student at MIT under Prof. Dimitris Bertsimas, is an incoming Assistant Professor at the University of Washington in Information Systems and Operations Management. His research addresses healthcare and environmental issues using operations research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He develops multimodal and prescriptive tools for integrating sustainability in business and policy. Collaborating with Google X, MIT Jameel Clinic, Harvard Medical School, OCP Group, and…

a photo of Michael Cheung

Michael Cheung

PhD Student
UC San Diego

Michael Cheung is a PhD student in the Biostatistics program at the University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on methodological challenges for pre-post, repeated measures, cluster-randomized trials and causal inference methods for high-dimensional effect modification.

a picture of Yongsoo Choi

Yongsoo Choi

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Yale University

Yongsoo Choi is a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University, working under the mentorship of Dr. Michelle Bell. His primary research interest is in exploring the varying patterns of health effects caused by air pollution across different times, regions, and populations. Furthermore, he is focused on identifying the causes behind these variations. His goal is to generate valid evidence that can help reduce the overall disease burden attributable to air pollution…

A headshot of Dr. Ernani Choma

Ernani F. Choma

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Choma is a Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His research focuses on health risk assessment, with a primary interest in the use of risk assessment to inform policy decisions. Dr. Choma’s research has focused on fine particulate matter air pollution and on the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation, especially on the transportation sector, where he has…

A photo of Claire Dinehart

Claire Dinehart

Master's Student
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Claire Dinehart is a current Master’s student in the Environmental Health Department at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her research interests include the health effects of air pollution and the impact of social influences on health.

Photo of Professor Francesca Dominici

Francesca Dominici

Professor of Biostatistics
HSPH Department of Biostatistics

Clarence James Gamble Professor of Biostatistics, Population and Data Science and Co-Director of the Data Science Initiative

a picture of Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia

Undergraduate Student

Daniela Garcia is an undergraduate at Harvard College (class of 2024) with a concentration in Statistics (Data Science track) and a secondary in Computer Science. She was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. During her senior year at Harvard, she will be working with Francesca Dominici and Falco Bargagli-Stoffi to write a senior thesis for the Statistics department.