Georgia Papadogeorgou

Assistant Professor
University of Florida Department of Statistics

Georgia is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida’s Department of Statistics. Her work focuses on causal inference and Bayesian methods for air pollution epidemiology, spatial confounding, causal exposure response function estimations, and interference. Dr. Papadogeorgou’s research focuses on estimating the effect of air pollution decreases on various health outcomes, as well as the evaluation of US air pollution regulations.

Hannah E. Correia

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
HSPH Department of Biostatistics

Hannah Correia’s research focuses on the formulation of novel statistical methods to increase accuracy of quantifying causal relationships and creating models to predict potential ecosystem variations. She is also interested in advancing statistical methods for modeling high-dimensional data common to ecological and climatic studies, where it is difficult to apply basic nonparametric approaches. Each year she participates in the Masamu Program, a collaborative workshop in southern Africa focusing on advancing…

Daniela Garcia

Undergraduate Student
Harvard College

Daniela is an undergraduate at Harvard College and a member of the inaugural group of SPUDS Fellows (Summer Program for Undergraduates in Data Science). She was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2020-2021, she took a leave of absence and interned with Surgo Ventures and first gained exposure to Data Science. Daniela is currently working with Falco and Francesca on the Casual Rule Ensemble method that will…