a picture of Catherine Adcock

Catherine Adcock

Program Assistant

Catherine Adcock is the Program Assistant at the National Studies on Air Pollution and Health as well as the Harvard Data Science Initiative. Catherine provides administrative support to NSAPH, the HDSI, and to Dr. Francesca Dominici in her roles of faculty co-director of the HDSI and Professor of Biostatistics. Catherine graduated from Capital University with a BA in History.

A photo of Research Assistant, Lauren Mock

Lauren Mock

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Lauren recently graduated from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with her master’s degree in Biostatistics. Prior to graduate school, she studied Earth & Environmental Science at Boston University, where she developed a passion for atmospheric science. Lauren’s previous research includes estimating mixing height over wildfire smoke plumes with NASA and quantifying excess mortality during heat waves at Mass. General Hospital Biostatistics.

Michelle Audirac

Senior Programmer
Department of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Michelle is a Data Scientist interested in extracting structure and detecting hidden patterns from data. Previously, she held various roles in industry where she deployed Machine Learning tasks in production settings. She transitioned to research after volunteering with the UT Covid-19 Modeling Consortium. As a Research Associate Data Scientist for the Department of Statistics and Data Science at The University of Texas at Austin she worked with research groups to…

Photo of Naeem Khoshnevis

Naeem Khoshnevis

Senior Research Software Engineer
FAS Research Computing department

Naeem is a research software engineer member of Research Software Engineering (RSE) at the FAS Research Computing (FASRC) department. He designs, builds and optimizes software applications for researchers across Harvard University. Naeem has a superior mathematical and numerical analysis background and has developed, documented, debugged, extended, and refactored numerous scientific software applications for research groups, helping them successfully carry out their funded research projects. Before joining FASRC, Naeem conducted research…

Photo of Michael Bouzinier

Michael Bouzinier

Senior Research Software Engineer

Michael (Misha) Bouzinier is an experienced software developer interested in data modeling, genetics, and evolution. Born and educated in Moscow, Russia, Misha spent 10 years supervising projects in the educational and biotechnology sectors. Misha went on to manage the GUI development at Parametric Technology Corporation, before joining InterSystems in 2001, where he designed and developed software that applied various InterSystems technologies to the Lifescience domain. In 2017 he assumed the role…

Photo of Leila Kamareddine

Leila Kamareddine

Regulatory and Compliance Manager
Department of Biostatistics

Leila Kamareddine is the Regulatory and Compliance Manager at the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Ms. Kamareddine holds a Master of Public Health Degree from UCLA and has extensive experience in conducting and leading projects in the Public Health field. As part of her role, Leila is responsible for creating and enforcing all data and project compliance plans, including but not limited to…

Mahmood M. Shad

Associate Director of Research Software Engineering
HSPH Department of FAS Research Computing

Mahmood M. Shad is the Associate Director of Research Software Engineering (RSE) at the FAS Research Computing (FASRC) department. Mahmood works with Harvard’s FASRC team to design, build, and maintain scientific software packages and data services to address the needs of researchers from different disciplines and to accelerate cutting-edge researches at Harvard University. As a senior scientific software engineer in his previous role at FASRC, he has designed and built…