Chris Chaeha Lim

Assistant Professor
University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Ph.D. Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, 2019 M.S. Biostatistics, Yale University, 2012 B.S. Environmental Engineering, Columbia University, 2010 I am an environmental epidemiologist interested in exploring the increasingly available open data sources and data science methods to elucidate the relationship between environmental exposures and health outcomes. My research interests include evaluating the health effects of environmental exposures and application of sensors for exposure assessment.

Seulkee Heo

Research Scientist
Yale School of the Environment

I am investigating health effects of climate change, air pollution, and urban built environment. My early experience in serving as a student assistant for numerous government research projects of climate change and public health has cultivated my passion in research that can aid decision-makers in environmental health policy and urban planning. These policy-relevant research works include establishment of processes for applying indicators for food and environmental hazards in policy-making, improving…

Carolina L. Zilli Vieira

Research Associate
HSPH Department of Environmental Health

Dr Carolina L. Zilli Vieira is a Research Associate in the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, with interest in the impact of periodically oscillations of solar activity and environmental radiation on air pollution and human health. She has dedicated her career over the past 12 years to investigate the impact of solar activity and related parameters on human health. Since 2015, Petros…

Jiyoung Son

Associate Research Scientist
Yale School of the Environment

Dr. Son is an epidemiologist with a background in biostatistics and a focus on environmental health. Her research focuses on 1) estimating the health impacts from environmental stressors on human health; 2) methods for estimating exposure to environmental conditions, primarily air pollution and weather; 3) the health impacts of different types of airborne particulate matter based on their chemical structure and sources; 4) effects for subpopulations, such as by gender…