Jiyoung Son

Associate Research Scientist
Yale School of the Environment

Dr. Son is an epidemiologist with a background in biostatistics and a focus on environmental health. Her research focuses on 1) estimating the health impacts from environmental stressors on human health; 2) methods for estimating exposure to environmental conditions, primarily air pollution and weather; 3) the health impacts of different types of airborne particulate matter based on their chemical structure and sources; 4) effects for subpopulations, such as by gender or socio-economic condition; and 5) urbanicity and disparity factors in relation to health outcomes. Dr. Son currently leads a project on environmental health disparities in air pollution-health outcomes associations in which she is using several individual- and community-level characteristics data (e.g., race, socio-economic status, remote sensing data to estimate urbanicity and vegetation cover) in the United States. Other work includes environmental justice issues to examine which subpopulations are most affected and which factors are most relevant in these associations.