Sophie-An Kingsbury Lee

Undergraduate Student
Harvard College

Sophie-An is an A.B. candidate in Environmental Science & Engineering at Harvard College interested in the intersection of environmental science, health, and economics.

a picture of Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia

Undergraduate Student

Daniela Garcia is an undergraduate at Harvard College (class of 2024) with a concentration in Statistics (Data Science track) and a secondary in Computer Science. She was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. During her senior year at Harvard, she will be working with Francesca Dominici and Falco Bargagli-Stoffi to write a senior thesis for the Statistics department.

a picture of Eleanor Wiesler

Eleanor Wiesler

Undergraduate Student
Harvard Department of Mathematics

Eleanor Wiesler is an undergraduate student at Harvard College studying Mathematics with a secondary in Statistics who is passionate about the intersection between math, health, and climate change. Previously, she has conducted research across the world in Santiago, Chile at Universidad Mayor, at University of Oxford, and at both Yale and Harvard and in the biotech sector. This research has spanned machine learning for health, molecular biology, geophysical climate projections,…

Ethan McFarlin

Ethan McFarlin is an undergraduate at Harvard College from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is fascinated by data visualization and hopes to use his studies in Computer Science as a platform to engineer for humanity. In his free time, Ethan enjoys listening to music from Sufjan Stevens, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and long boarding around Boston.

Leo Vanciu

Undergraduate Student
Harvard College

Leo Vanciu is an incoming undergraduate student at Harvard College from Montreal, Canada. Leo plans on concentrating in statistics and is interested in Bayesian methods.

James Kitch

Undergraduate Student
Department of Statistics, Harvard University

James Kitch is an undergraduate at Harvard (senior) concentrating in Statistics with a secondary in Integrative Biology. He is excited to join NSAPH to use Causal Inference methodology and generate a better understanding of how to make urban areas more sustainable and equitable. In his free time, he is a competitive cross-country skier and loves riding public transportation.