Allan G. Hill
Emeritus Faculty

Allan G. Hill

Andelot Professor of Demography, Emeritus

Global Health and Population



Allan G. Hill has been the Andelot Professor of Demography at Harvard University since 1991. He directs the Education Office of the Department of Population and International Health in the Harvard School of Public Health, chairs the Master degree Committee and has taught courses at Harvard on population and development, analysis of fertility and mortality, measuring population health, qualitative analysis methods and approaches, reproduction and reproductive health and on the assessment of the impact of health programs.


The long-standing focus of Hill's research has been understanding the health, mortality and fertility health transitions and their determinants in the Arab World and West Africa. He directs a series of studies in Ghana including Wave 2 of the Women's Health Study of Accra, a panel study of the health transitions and differentials in 3200 urban women. Related work with Guenther Fink focuses on time use and health in the same households. Additional studies in Accra with John R Weeks (San Diego State) and David Rain (George Washington University) are concerned with the effect of place on health and poverty in the city. Research in the Middle East continues with a burden of disease study in Kuwait and research on health and population issues in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Other work in Africa includes research on the impact on child survival of UNICEF's Accelerated Child Survival and Development interventions and an assessment of the effectiveness of UNICEF's Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS-3). A project with Statistics/South Africa is examining the demographic, social and economic differentials there through the lens of the 2007 Community Survey.

BA, 1966
University College, Durham, UK

PhD, 1969
Durham University, Durham, UK

Diploma in Demography, 1975
Princeton University

MA Honoris Causa, 1991
Harvard University



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