Emmanuelle Dankwa
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Emmanuelle Dankwa

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

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Proctor; Member of the Board of First-Year Advisers

Residential Life

Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences


I am an infectious disease epidemiologist and statistician.

My current research concerns the design of mathematical tools (known as models) for understanding the spread of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). MDR-TB is TB resistant to (at least) isoniazid and rifampin, the two most potent anti-TB drugs, and is a major global health concern. My work aims to provide evidence for the formulation of control policies against MDR-TB.

I am also involved in efforts, led by the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (CCDD), to develop capacity in infectious disease modeling in Africa. To this end, I contribute to the design and delivery of the UGHE (University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda)/Harvard training course in mathematical modeling of infectious disease transmission.

Affiliations: CCDD and the Menzies lab (PI: Dr. Nick Menzies).

Teaching Experience

1. Course Title: Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases (Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Spring 2023). Instructor.

2. Course Title: UGHE/Harvard Mathematical Modeling for Infectious Disease Planning Course (University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda, 2023). Teaching Fellow.

3. Course Title: Statistical Programming (Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, Hilary 2022). Teaching Assistant.

4. Course Title: Applied Statistics (Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, Michaelmas 2019). Teaching Assistant.

5. Course Title: Statistical Lifetime Models (Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, Michaelmas 2020). Teaching Assistant.

6. Course Titles: Probability Distributions & Numeracy Skills (Department of Statistics, University of Ghana, 2017/18 academic year). Teaching Assistant.

DPhil, 06/2022, Statistical Science
University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

BSc, 07/2017, Mathematics and Statistics
University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana

Social Justice in Infectious Disease Travel Award2022
Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference

Graduate Studentship2021-2022
Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

Warden’s Discretionary Fund Award2021
Rhodes Trust

Warden’s Discretionary Fund Award2019
Rhodes Trust

St. Peter’s College Foundation Graduate Award2019-2020
St Peter's College, University of Oxford

Professor F.T Sai Prize for the Best Graduating Female Student in B.Sc. Mathematics 2018
University of Ghana

Professor F.T Sai Prize for the Best Graduating Female Student in B.Sc. Statistics2018
University of Ghana

Rhodes Scholarship2018-2021
Rhodes Trust, University of Oxford

Beige Capital Youth Excellence League Award for academic excellence in Statistics2017
Beige Capital, Ghana

Professor F.T Sai Prize for Best Female Student in Mathematical Sciences2016
University of Ghana


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