Secondary Faculty

Evelynn M. Hammonds

Professor in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Other Positions

Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science and of African and African American Studies

History of Science -Sr. Faculty

Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Getting genetic ancestry right for science and society.

Lewis ACF, Molina SJ, Appelbaum PS, Dauda B, Di Rienzo A, Fuentes A, Fullerton SM, Garrison NA, Ghosh N, Hammonds EM, Jones DS, Kenny EE, Kraft P, Lee SS, Mauro M, Novembre J, Panofsky A, Sohail M, Neale BM, Allen DS.

Science. 2022 04 15. 376(6590):250-252. PMID: 35420968