Harvey V. Fineberg

Professor of Health Policy and Management, Emeritus

Health Policy and Management



Harvard AIDS Initiative: The Movie

November 2013 -- What starts as a story of death and ignorance becomes a chronicle of discovery and success. To mark its 25th anniversary, the Harvard AIDS Initiative created a short video outlining major accomplishments and the work…

Harvard School of Public Health Dean Harvey Fineberg

October 2011 -- As part of the History of the School project, three former Deans of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) discuss their experiences at the School, including their contributions, challenges, and successes, as well as…

AIDS at 30: Hard lessons and hope

[ Spring/Summer 2011 ] Thirty years after the first official reports about HIV/AIDS, we look back on the human devastation and forward to a changed social landscape. The infection has killed more people so far than has any…