Kimberlyn Rachael Leary
Associate Professor

Kimberlyn Rachael Leary

Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management

Other Positions

Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry


McLean Hospital

Awards and Honors

Karl Menninger Award1996-1997
Menninger Foundation

Ira Miller Writing Award2004-2004
Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

John Bowlby Memorial Lecturer2005-2005
London Centre for Attachment-basd Therapy

Public Services Fellowship2007-2009
Harvard Kennedy School

Ernst and Gertrude Tico Award2007-2008
Ernest and Gertrude Charitable Foundation

Division 39 Scholarship Award2010-2010
American Psychological Association

Certificate Undergraduate Teaching Excellence2013-2014
Harvard University Bok Center

Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow2014-2016
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



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