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Marcella Alsan

Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management

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Angelopoulos Professor of Public Policy

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Harvard Kennedy School

Affiliate of the Department of Economics

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Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences


End COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries.

Mobarak AM, Miguel E, Abaluck J, Ahuja A, Alsan M, Banerjee A, Breza E, Chandrasekhar AG, Duflo E, Dzansi J, Garrett D, Goldsmith-Pinkham P, Gonsalves GS, Hossain MM, Jakubowski A, Kang G, Kharel A, Kremer M, Meriggi N, Nekesa C, Olken BA, Omer SB, Qadri F, Rees H, Salako B, Voors M, Warren S, Wiecek W.

Science. 2022 Mar 11. 375(6585):1105-1110. PMID: 35271319