Visiting Scholars and Scientists

Miles Kirby

Visiting Scientist

Global Health and Population


Effects of a LPG stove and fuel intervention on adverse maternal outcomes: A multi-country randomized controlled trial conducted by the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN).

Younger A, Alkon A, Harknett K, Kirby MA, Elon L, Lovvorn AE, Wang J, Ye W, Diaz-Artiga A, McCracken JP, Castañaza Gonzalez A, Monroy Alarcon L, Mukeshimana A, Rosa G, Chiang M, Balakrishnan K, Garg SS, Pillarisetti A, Piedrahita R, Johnson M, Craik R, Papageorghiou AT, Toenjes A, Quinn A, Williams KN, Underhill L, Chang HH, Naeher LP, Rosenthal J, Checkley W, Peel JL, Clasen TF, Thompson LM.

Environ Int. 2023 08. 178:108059. PMID: 37413928

Exposure-response relationships for personal exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2·5), carbon monoxide, and black carbon and birthweight: an observational analysis of the multicountry Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) trial.

Balakrishnan K, Steenland K, Clasen T, Chang H, Johnson M, Pillarisetti A, Ye W, Naeher LP, Diaz-Artiga A, McCracken JP, Thompson LM, Rosa G, Kirby MA, Thangavel G, Sambandam S, Mukhopadhyay K, Puttaswamy N, Aravindalochanan V, Garg S, Ndagijimana F, Hartinger S, Underhill LJ, Kearns KA, Campbell D, Kremer J, Waller L, Jabbarzadeh S, Wang J, Chen Y, Rosenthal J, Quinn A, Papageorghiou AT, Ramakrishnan U, Howards PP, Checkley W, Peel JL.

Lancet Planet Health. 2023 05. 7(5):e387-e396. PMID: 37164515

Lung Ultrasound Protocol and Quality Control of Image Interpretation Using an Adjudication Panel in the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) Trial.

Simkovich SM, Hossen S, McCollum ED, Toenjes AK, McCracken JP, Thompson LM, Castañaza A, Diaz A, Rosa G, Kirby MA, Mukeshimana A, Myers R, Lenzen PM, Craik R, Jabbarzadeh S, Elon L, Garg SS, Balakrishnan K, Thangavel G, Peel JL, Clasen TF, Dávila-Román VG, Papageorghiou AT, de Las Fuentes L, Checkley W.

Ultrasound Med Biol. 2023 05. 49(5):1194-1201. PMID: 36801180

Visualizing Field Data Collection Procedures of Exposure and Biomarker Assessments for the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network Trial in India.

Rajamani KD, Sambandam S, Mukhopadhyay K, Puttaswamy N, Thangavel G, Natesan D, Ramasamy R, Sendhil S, Natarajan A, Aravindalochan V, Pillarisetti A, Johnson M, Rosenthal J, Steenland K, Piedhrahita R, Peel J, Clark ML, Boyd Barr D, Rajkumar S, Young B, Jabbarzadeh S, Rosa G, Kirby M, Underhill LJ, Diaz-Artiga A, Lovvorn A, Checkley W, Clasen T, Balakrishnan K.

J Vis Exp. 2022 12 23. (190). PMID: 36622010

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Biomass for Cooking and Effects on Birth Weight.

Clasen TF, Chang HH, Thompson LM, Kirby MA, Balakrishnan K, Díaz-Artiga A, McCracken JP, Rosa G, Steenland K, Younger A, Aravindalochanan V, Barr DB, Castañaza A, Chen Y, Chiang M, Clark ML, Garg S, Hartinger S, Jabbarzadeh S, Johnson MA, Kim DY, Lovvorn AE, McCollum ED, Monroy L, Moulton LH, Mukeshimana A, Mukhopadhyay K, Naeher LP, Ndagijimana F, Papageorghiou A, Piedrahita R, Pillarisetti A, Puttaswamy N, Quinn A, Ramakrishnan U, Sambandam S, Sinharoy SS, Thangavel G, Underhill LJ, Waller LA, Wang J, Williams KN, Rosenthal JP, Checkley W, Peel JL.

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