Rong Ma
Primary Faculty

Rong Ma

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics



My research interest lies in the intersection of statistics and biomedical data science. My current research focuses on (i) statistical inference for large random matrices and high-dimensional models, (ii) theoretical underpinning of modern nonlinear embedding techniques and manifold learning algorithms, and (iii) interpretable computational approach to biomedical data science, especially for single-cell genomics, multiomics, microbiomics, and immunology.

MS, 05/2016, Statistics & Data Science
University of Wisconsin, Madison

BS, 06/2015, Statistics
Nankai University

PhD, 08/2021, Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania

Postdoc, 08/2023, Statistics & Biomedical Data Science
Stanford University

Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Dissertation
University of Pennsylvania

Lawrence D. Brown Ph.D. Student Award
Institute of Mathematical Statistics

SIAM Travel Award
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics