Sebastian Bauhoff
Primary Faculty

Sebastian Bauhoff

Assistant Professor of Global Health and Economics

Global Health and Population


Dr. Bauhoff’s research focuses on innovations in health care financing and service delivery that can increase access, efficiency and quality of care in low and middle-income countries. He also examines ways to improve the design and implementation of health care policies and programs. His recent work includes empirical impact evaluations of provider and insurance payment systems, such as performance-based financing, and of demand-side interventions to improve access and risk-protection of poor households. Many of his projects are in collaboration with decision-makers in local or national governments, or with international organizations such as the World Bank. He has conducted research in Africa and Asia, including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda and Tajikistan.

Dr. Bauhoff received a BSc from the London School of Economics, an MPA in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School and a PhD in Health Policy/Economics from Harvard University. He previously held positions as postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, economist at the RAND Corporation and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development.


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