Tamar Sofer
Secondary Faculty

Tamar Sofer

Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics



Other Positions

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Medicine-Brigham and Women's Hospital

Harvard Medical School


I am a biostatistical researcher focusing on genetic and omics analyses of diverse and complex populations. I did my PhD in Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and graduated at 2012. Then, I continued as a postdoctoral fellow there, and later became a research scientist at the Genetic Analysis Center at the University of Washington in Seattle. At UW, I worked on genetic association analyses in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos, and on analysis of whole genome sequencing data from the NHLBI's Trans-Omics in Precision Medicine initiative. In late 2017 I moved to BWH and Harvard University, where I continue to develop and implement methodology for genetic and omics analyses of sleep , cognitive, cardiopulmonary, and metabolic phenotypes, with the goal of understanding the genetic basis of such phenotypes, and how environmental exposures modify the pathways from genotypes to phenotypes. I extensively collaborate with minority population studies such as the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos, the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis, the Jackson Heart Study, and more.

BSc, 03/2008, Mathematics
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

PhD, 05/2012, Biostatistics
Harvard University


Polygenic transcriptome risk scores for COPD and lung function improve cross-ethnic portability of prediction in the NHLBI TOPMed program.

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