Trishan Panch


Office of Education


Developing a reporting guideline for artificial intelligence-centred diagnostic test accuracy studies: the STARD-AI protocol.

Sounderajah V, Ashrafian H, Golub RM, Shetty S, De Fauw J, Hooft L, Moons K, Collins G, Moher D, Bossuyt PM, Darzi A, Karthikesalingam A, Denniston AK, Mateen BA, Ting D, Treanor D, King D, Greaves F, Godwin J, Pearson-Stuttard J, Harling L, McInnes M, Rifai N, Tomasev N, Normahani P, Whiting P, Aggarwal R, Vollmer S, Markar SR, Panch T, Liu X.

BMJ Open. 2021 06 28. 11(6):e047709. PMID: 34183345