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The Harvard Chan Studio is the hub for the School’s premiere live and livestreamed events. We convene global leaders in health policy, advocacy, industry, and research for insightful conversations about public health’s most pressing challenges and most promising solutions.

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Featured event

Understanding Long COVID: The Unseen Public Health Crisis

November 19, 2021 | Go to event page

Upcoming event

January Omicron event artworkCombatting the Omicron Surge: Latest Updates

January 25, 2022, 12 pm

What have researchers learned about Omicron since it first emerged, and how should that inform guidelines for living and working? What can Omicron—with its many evasive mutations—tell us about preparing for the next variant? Join Harvard Chan epidemiologist Bill Hanage for a free, live-streamed Q&A with Elana Gordon of The World.

Past events

Event graphicThe Conservative Case for Investment in Public Health: A fireside chat and live Q&A with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

December 1, 2021
Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb discusses rebuilding public health in the U.S. in the midst of a deeply divided nation, and more, in a fireside chat with Meg Tirrell, CNBC’s senior health and science reporter.

Understanding long COVID: The unseen public health crisisEvent graphic

November 19, 2021
Watch a riveting discussion that brings together clinicians, researchers, policy experts, and long COVID patients to better grasp the significant impact of this new syndrome and what we must all do about it—now.

Event GraphicBeyond COP26: Next steps in the fight against climate change

November 18, 2021
An expert panel brings together leading voices in the fight against climate change, fresh from the halls of the COP26 Summit.

Event graphicSolutions for our planet: In search of common ground on climate and energy policy

October 26, 2021
In the lead-up to COP26, a representative sample of 962 Americans gathered to consider climate and energy policy proposals from across the political spectrum. This launch event takes you through the results of the deliberative poll and its implications for political action on climate change.

Event graphicClearing the air: Why now is the time to tackle global air pollution

Oct 13, 2021
Leaders from academia, government, and the private sector discuss what must be done in order to reduce air pollution and tackle climate change.

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