Sponsored Programs Administration

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new, consolidated Harvard Longwood Campus Research Administration (HLCRA) web site. The site provides a single information source for the HMS, HSPH and HSDM research communities, with comprehensive research policies, procedures and information in one place.

The site was designed with both faculty and administrative staff in mind; we hope that it will be a very useful and user friendly resource for everyone involved in the grant lifecycle.

The HLCRA site, which has replaced the current HSPH and HMS / HSDM research administration sites, can be found at http://hlcra.harvard.edu/.

Contact OFS

To contact the Office of Financial Services, email ofs@hsph.harvard.edu or call 617-432-1015 or send mail to:

90 Smith Street
2nd Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02120

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist faculty members in identifying funding sources
  • Assist faculty and administrators in applications to all sources of sponsored programs funding: domestic, foreign and international funding agencies and organizations
  • Assure that all applications to government and other funding agencies comply with the policies of HSPH and the University as they relate to issues of institutional principles and policies, financial and budgetary compliance, risk avoidance, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance
  • Review solicitations, funding announcements, and other sponsor requirements to verify that proposals are compliant with the sponsor’s and the University’s guidelines
  • Under authority delegated by Harvard University central administration, provide institutional approval and acceptance of all sponsored programs proposals and awards
  • Submit electronic applications on behalf of faculty member as required by sponsors (please contact your SPA contact as soon as possible to verify that HSPH is registered for electronic submission with the particular federal agency)
  • Collaborate with other HSPH and University administrative offices as needed to support submission of proposals, negotiation of awards, and resolution of administrative issues arising in the course of sponsored projects
  • Establish and implement University research policies governing conduct of and accountability for sponsored activities
  • Conduct informational grant-related seminars and workshops