Harvard Public Health: Spring/Summer 2010


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Changing the cycle of family abuse in India and South Asia
Child brides, child mothers, child victims: What can be done?

Also in this issue

Dean’s message: Research to knowledge to action
How we can improve health by generating sound evidence that can inform policy, practice, and public opinion.

A women and health agenda: It’s time
An investment in women’s and children’s health is an investment in the social and economic development of our societies.

TB, AIDS, and malaria: When infection won’t quit
Rising drug resistance has turned what public health officials call today’s Big Three infections — HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria — even more fearsome.

From patient to public health leader
As director of the Indian Health Service, HSPH alumna Yvette Roubideaux is on a quest to improve health care for American Indian and Alaska Native people.

Talking health care reform: A conversation with Meredith Rosenthal
What are the implications of the new health care reform law?

Women, welfare & human rights
HSPH student examines government policies and social forces that affect sexual and reproductive health of women.