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Obamacare hasn’t led to higher health care costs for businesses

Predictions that Obamacare would lead to substantially higher costs for employers have not materialized three years after the U.S. health care overhaul became law. In an October 16, 2014 Bloomberg News article, health economist Katherine Baicker of Harvard School of Public Health…

Support for Medicaid expansion strong among low-income adults

For immediate release: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Boston, MA — Low-income adults overwhelmingly support Medicaid expansion and think the government-sponsored program offers health care coverage that is comparable to or even better in quality than private health insurance coverage, according to a…

The Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act

John McDonough reacts to the high court's decision on health reform and offers insights on Medicaid's future. June 28, 2012 (7:39) Please click the player icon above to play this podcast in your browser. Alternatively, you may download the podcast in mp3 format…

Affordable Care Act

HSPH's Robert Blendon tells Reuters that if Republicans take control of the Senate, there will be confusion for first-time Obamacare enrollees over whether the program has a future. Watch now 

U.S. health reform can be ‘source of inspiration’ for Canadians

Canada—which adopted universal health care about 50 years ago—can learn from U.S. efforts at health reform, according to a September 3, 2014 Globe and Mail article co-authored by Andrew Boozary, SM ’14, visiting scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management…

Quality missing from global health agenda

August 7, 2014 -- Today more people than ever have health insurance. In the U.S., millions have signed up for coverage since the 2008 passage of the Affordable Care Act. Globally, there’s a high level of interest in establishing universal health coverage…

Governor Deval Patrick

[FORUM VIDEO] While federal budget battles and repeal threats shadow the national law, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick explored in this Forum webcast two important themes for the future of the st

The U.S. Healthcare Law Rollout

[FORUM VIDEO] After weeks of debate and a Presidential mea culpa, this Forum event assessed where the U.S. stands in the healthcare law rollout and the resulting health policy implications.