I am an Applied Micro-economist, with broader research interests in microeconometric analysis of issues concerning developing countries, particularly the determinants of health and education, program evaluation, and the long-term consequences of early childhood socio-economic environments on later life outcomes.

In particular, my research interests focus on exploring the causes of poor women’s and child’s health in
developing countries and how does poor health in early life affects long-term earning capabilities and
educational achievement.

Some of my recent ongoing works analyzed the (a) evaluation of vaccination program in India; (b) effect of access to improved sanitation and piped water on diarrheal morbidity; (c) impact of rural electrification on income, health risks and women empowerment in Bhutan; (d) randomized field experiment to assess the impact of micro-finance on human welfare; (e) social gradient in Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDDs) in India.