Latest Past Events

Thesis Defense – Ted Lee


Ted will present the thesis entitled “Genetics of Kidney Disease and the Overlap with COPD Phenotypes”. The thesis committee is chaired by Dr. Sharon Lutz, and includes Dr. Michael Cho (Brigham and Women’s Hospital), Dr. Ann Wu (Boston Children's Hospital), Dr. Christoph Lange, and Dr. Peter Kraft.

Dissertation Defense – Sara Sauer


Sara will present the dissertation entitled “Cluster-Based Outcome-Dependent Sampling: Inference and Frameworks for Efficient Sampling Designs”. The dissertation committee is chaired by Dr. Sebastien Haneuse, and includes Dr. Michael Hughes, Dr. Bethany Hedt-Gauthier, and Dr. JP Onnela.

PQG Working Group


Brian Cleary Broad Fellow Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Using viral loads and within-host models to improve COVID-19 surveillance Limited testing capacity has been an ongoing problem throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Pooled testing is a faster and less expensive diagnostic approach compared to individual testing, but there are important tradeoffs in sensitivity, efficiency and … Continue reading "PQG Working Group"