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CBQG Thesis Defense – Jingrui Zhong

Jingrui will present the thesis entitled "Improving Protein Structure Prediction by Reclustering the Multiple Sequence Alignment". The thesis committee is chaired by Sergey Ovchinnikov, and includes Samantha Petti and Peter Kraft.

CBQG Thesis Defense – Alistair Quinn

Alistair will present the thesis entitled “Supervised Learning to Classify the Appropriateness of Antibiotic Prescriptions in Australian General Practice”. The thesis committee is co-chaired by Dr. Douglas Pires and Dr. Daniel Capurro, and includes Dr. Jo-Anne Manski Nankervis, and Dr. John Quackenbush.

CBQG Thesis Defense – Shuyi Chen

Shuyi will present the thesis entitled "A Distributed Algorithm for Fitting Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Application to Genetic Association". The thesis committee will be chaired by Rui Duan, and includes Xihong Lin and Peter Kraft.