The Biostatistics Student Consulting Center (BSCC) is now permanently closed. For alternative  options, you may reach out to Jelena Follweiler about hiring a student biostatistician. Harvard Catalyst offers a consulting service which may be available to you. The Harvard Statistics department also offers free drop-in consultations to members of the Harvard community, so please consider checking out their website for times and locations.

About Us

The Biostatistics Student Consulting Center (BSCC) is a free statistical consulting service provided by doctoral students in the Department of Biostatistics. The center is open to any student in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health or the Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) federation for statistical questions that arise outside of coursework. This may include guidance on study design, analysis planning, statistical programming, and more. The BSCC was made possible by a grant from the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching and is currently funded by the Department of Biostatistics.


Who is eligible to access BSCC services?

We are open to any current Harvard student enrolled in a program at the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) or through the Harvard Integrated Life Sciences Program (HILS). If you are unsure as to whether you qualify, please email us at

What kinds of services does the BSCC provide?

We provide guidance to HSPH and HILS students on questions related to statistics, study design, analysis planning, coding, data visualization, and more. The main role of BSCC consultants is to provide advice, teach, and connect you with additional resources. We do not do data analysis, hands-on coding or extended computations on behalf of clients. Questions related to coursework or for paid research conducted at a different institution are not eligible for a BSCC consult.

Should I go to office hours or submit an online inquiry?

We recommend attending office hours for short, general, or time-sensitive questions, and we recommend submitting an online inquiry to get one-on-one consultation for a specific question or one that may require additional follow-up. Please choose either method for your initial inquiry (office hours or online submission), but do not do both. If you attend office hours and find that your question requires additional follow-up, this can be arranged by the office hour consultant.

What happens after I submit an online inquiry?

After you submit your online inquiry, someone from the BSCC will reach out to you via email to initiate a consultation. If more than five business days have passed and you have not heard from us, please send us an email at

I have a follow-up question about a previous inquiry I submitted. What should I do?

You should email your past consultant directly with any follow-up questions. If you do not know your consultant’s email address or you would like a different consultant, please email us at

What can I expect from a one-on-one BSCC consultation?

After you have connected with your BSCC consultant via email, you will likely set up a time for a face-to-face meeting. The BSCC consultant will guide the initial discussion with questions about your inquiry. We recommend coming prepared with any materials you need to explain your problem.  We have found that BSCC consultations are most productive when the client approaches the consult with a specific issue or question they wish to discuss.

Sometimes one consultation is enough. When necessary, the consultant will do some further research and think about your question before proposing a solution or providing you with additional resources. This might be followed by a second or third meeting. Please also see “what kind of time commitment can I expect from my BSCC consultant”.

What kind of time commitment can I expect from my BSCC consultant?

We aim for completed consultations (beginning from your initial inquiry and ending when the case is closed) to consume no more than five hours, often less, of the consultant’s time, including meetings and offline research. If your question is very broad or challenging, you may wish to try and narrow or refine it before your first meeting in order to get the most out of your BSCC experience.

I am a postdoc, research scientist, faculty member, visiting scholar, alumna/alumnus, student not affiliated with HSPH or HILS, etc. Can I access BSCC services?

No. Please see “who is eligible to access BSCC services” for a list of eligible clients. As an alternative, Harvard Catalyst offers a biostatistics consulting service that may be available to you.

I am looking to hire a biostatistics graduate student as a research assistant. Can the BSCC help?

The BSCC is a free service for students enrolled in HSPH and HILS programs and hence this is outside the scope of our organization. If you require an extended or professional consultation, you could consider contacting Harvard Catalyst.