EDIB Goals

Department Goals

In conjunction with the school’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and with the help of a cultural assessment from an independent consulting group, the department has identified the following priorities for the 2021-2022 year:

2021-2022 Academic Year Goals

  • Communication & Transparency
    Renovate and revitalize EDIB section of the department website to include mission statement, principles, goals, programs, resources, and access to department’s cultural assessment. Regularly update community on current and future initiatives, programs, and goals.
  • Recruitment & Retention
    Increase representation of BIPOC postdoctoral fellows and academic appointees (research associates/scientists) and build a supportive environment that fosters a thriving experience for historically marginalized groups.
  • Seminars & Trainings
    Organize 1-2 events per semester that helps to establish a learning culture and systems that center development of awareness, knowledge, and skills relating to topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Organize a repository of projects from members of our community who are engaged in research surrounding EDIB topics to foster collaboration.

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