EDIB Goals

Department Goals

In conjunction with the school’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and with the help of a cultural assessment from an independent consulting group, the department has identified the following priorities for the 2022-2023 year:

2022-2023 Academic Year Goals

  • Leadership & Institutional Systems:
    • Develop a survey to assess the EDIB climate of the department
    • Create surveys for events to assess needs, benefits, and suggestions
    • Create form for website to provide an ongoing, anonymous way for the department to receive feedback on EDIB issues

    Learning Culture at Harvard Chan School:

    • Host 1-2 events for the department around diversity and inclusion
    • Explore options for inclusive teaching practices with ODI staff

    Diversity of Our People & Their Success:

    • Work with faculty to implement recommendations from the post-doc recruitment working group from AY 2021-2022
    • Create at least one focus group/survey for URM students to see what resources they are looking for on a department or school level

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