2018 Research Projects


In addition to learning data collection and analysis methods, participants learn research collaboration efforts by engaging in group projects with other participants and graduate students. Group projects are designed and mentored by a faculty member in the Departments of Biostatistics or Epidemiology and by a graduate student or postdoctoral research fellow. This research is a strong introduction to research methods, analysis, organization and presentation of results.

Death Rates in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria: An Exploratory Approach

Faculty Mentor: Rafael Irizarry
Graduate Student and Postdoc Mentor: Rolando Acosta Nuñez and Mingxiang Teng
2018 Program Participants: Michael J. Figueroa Muñiz and Jaziel Torres

Deep Learning: Chest X-ray Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

Faculty Mentor: Heather Mattie
Graduate Student Mentor: Daniel Briggs
2018 Program Participants: Carlos Samuels, Quinn Ramirez, and Ryan Zunker

Exploring Gene Regulation and Sex Differences in Lung Adenocarcinoma Using Network Analysis 

Faculty Mentor: John Quackenbush
Postdoc Mentor: Camila Lopes-Ramos
2018 Program Participants: Katherine Cyr, Garrett Parker, and Steven Lawrence

International Quality Improvement Collaborative for Congenital Heart Surgery: Refining and Applying a Risk Adjustment Model

Faculty Mentor: Marcello Pagano
Graduate Student Mentor: Isabel Fulcher
2018 Program Participants: Line Nana Mba, Aparna Kachalia, and Angela Lam

Working Towards Safer Deliveries: A Case Study in Zanzibar, Tanzania

 Faculty Mentor: Kimberlee Gauvreau
 Graduate Student Mentor: Jaffer Zaidi
 2018 Program Participants: Quest Whalen and Jeanette Varela

Effects of Gestational Age and Birth Weight on Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Outcomes in Adolescents After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

 Faculty Mentor: David Wypij
 Graduate Student Mentor: Kamrine Poels
 2018 Post-Bac Intern: Alexis Garretson

Modeling Microbiome Data of Youth with Perinatally Acquired HIV Infection: A Comparative Analysis of Multivariate and Univariate Models for Zero-Inflated Data

Faculty Mentor: Brent Coull
Graduate Student Mentor: Kamrine Poels
2018 Post-Bac Intern: Van Truong