Welcome from Interim Dean Kim

Interim Dean Jane Kim
Jane J. Kim, SM ’01, PhD ’05 Interim Dean of the Faculty

To my fellow Harvard Chan alumni,

As someone who has worked in academia for many years, I always look forward to this season. Every fall I’m filled with excitement, eager to make this academic year better than the last. My feelings are magnified this year as I’ve stepped in as interim dean of the faculty. While my role has evolved over my 25 years at the School, one thing has remained the same: I am beyond proud to be an alumna. And I am delighted to join all of you for Alumni Weekend 2023.

This is a tremendous moment to be an alum. We are at the forefront of building a healthier world by addressing deep and systemic challenges, in keeping with the School’s mission to improve health and promote equity so all people can thrive.

That’s the focus of this weekend, which is centered around the theme The Right to Health: Equity and Justice for All. Through panels, TED-style talks, and meaningful conversations about environmental justice, transgender health, structural racism, reproductive health, and more, we will dive into some of today’s most pressing public health topics. I’m also truly looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate and honor six deserving alumni who have dedicated their careers to advancing the vision we all share: a world with health, dignity, and justice for every human being. I am inspired and energized by these individuals, and by each of you.

Let’s make sure this special weekend serves as a reminder that as a network of nearly 15,000 alumni, we have power and privilege, and the responsibility to use them both for good.

Together, let’s fight for The Right to Health: Equity and Justice for All.


Jane J. Kim, SM ’01, PhD ’05
Interim Dean of the Faculty
Dean for Academic Affairs
K.T. Li Professor of Health Economics
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health