Professors William Hsiao and Winnie Yip visited Sanming and discussed key reform issues with local government officials

Professors William Hsiao and Winnie Yip visited went to Sanming city in Fujian province, a pioneer in leading the health care reform in China. While in Sanming, two professors visited county hospitals, township hospitals, and health clinics and discussed the impact of “Sanming Model” (三明模式) with local government officials.

Reforming Provider Payment for Advancing the Goals of China’s Health Services Delivery Reform

Professor Yip gave a presentation to China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS). She discussed the key components of payment system reform in China and shared her opinions that the direction of the next phase of reform should focus more on the quality of health care delivery. During her presentation, she also proposed a population-based approach to achieve the dual goal of cost control and quality improvement.

William Hsiao: System construction is critical to the success of China’s health care reform — recommendations for health care delivery reform at public hospitals (萧庆伦:制度建设是决定中国医改成效的关键 ——对公立医院改革和分级诊疗建设的建议)

Professor William Hsiao discussed his observations of China’s health care reform on People’s Daily’s Health section. He pointed out the systematic level change to the governance structure is crucial for advancing the current health care reform.

“Advancing Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention in China Project” was launched

December 13, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts, USA In December 2012, the All China Women Federation delegation opened the chapter of the project “Advancing Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention in China”. In collaboration with Goldman Sachs, All China Women’s Federation, and the Ministry of Health, the overarching purpose of this project is to use evidence-based approaches to promote breast cancer awareness and prevention among women in the city and provinces of Tianjin,…