Terence Cheng

Research Scientist
Department of Global Health and Population

Dr. Terence Cheng’s research focuses on the economics of health care systems, with a particular emphasis on how public and private health care systems interact. He has studied private health insurance markets, medical labor markets, and well-being. Prior to joining Harvard, Dr. Cheng held academic and research appointments at universities in Australia and Singapore. He was an Australian Endeavour Fellow in 2018. Terence received a M.Soc.Sci. from the National University…

Xuanyi Nie (聂玄翊)

Visiting Scentist
Department of Global Health and Population

Dr. Xuanyi Nie obtained his doctoral degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His dissertation explored typological approaches to integrate healthcare industry and economic development in Chinese cities, and as a student, his research with CHP examined financing and land policies for private healthcare facilities in China. Xuanyi’s work currently focuses on the development of China’s eldercare system. Xuanyi received his Master of Architecture Degree from the Harvard Graduate…

Hanmo Yang (杨涵墨)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Global Health and Population

Dr. Hanmo Yang recently received her Ph.D. degree in Economics from National School of Development, Peking University. Her research interests focus on health economics and population studies, especially on healthy aging. Some of her recent works include the impact of the poverty alleviation program on the mortality rate from cerebrovascular diseases in China and the causal relationship between intergenerational interaction and informal care for the disabled elderly. Hanmo has field…