Elizabeth Osborn

Project Director, Harvard China Health Partnership
Department of Global Health and Population

Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Osborn is Project Director of the Harvard China Health Partnership, supporting faculty and researchers to maximize connections at Harvard and impact of our health systems research for public health in China. Previously, Betsy led multi-disciplinary research initiatives on Indonesia, India, and Malaysia at Harvard, and had a decade of service with the U.S. Agency for International Development including five years in Indonesia. Betsy has an Ed.M. in International…

Wendy Zhou

Program Assistant
Department of Global Health and Population

Wendy Zhou is the Program Assistant for the Harvard China Health Partnership (HCHP), supporting the operational needs of its faculty, researchers, and events. Wendy received her B.A. in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley with a concentration in international development. Previously at the Berkeley Human Rights Center and the United Nations, she conducted open source investigations on human rights crises in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Myanmar, Chile, and beyond.…