Our shared values

To the Harvard Chan community:

As I read this thoughtful message from Interim President Alan Garber, one sentence resonated with me above all. Speaking of the need to strengthen the Harvard community, he wrote:

“It will take a willingness to approach each other in a spirit of goodwill, with an eagerness to listen as well as to speak, and with an appreciation of our common humanity when we encounter passionately held but opposing convictions.”

Those shared values are foundational here at Harvard Chan School. I saw that during my time here on the faculty, and I’ve seen it again in my first days as Dean. They are also the cornerstone of my personal, professional, and leadership principles.

Respect for the dignity of every person, receptivity to new and challenging ideas, and a bedrock recognition of our common humanity are essential for success in the field of public health. These values have helped us build this School into a force for positive change in the world.

Divisive forces may continue to put intense pressure on Harvard in the days ahead. In this difficult time, I hope we can all recommit to our common values — and work together to advance our vital mission.



Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD
Dean of the Faculty
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health