DHS-Harvard Firefighters’ Studies
The Department of Homeland Security-Harvard Firefighters’ Studies are led by Dr. Stefanos N. Kales. This ongoing research has helped determine the causal relationship of heart disease among firefighters to their job activities and other factors, and Dr. Kales’ team continues to work in the clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular events in first responders.

Environment And Reproductive Health (EARtH Study)
The EARtH Study explores how exposure to chemicals found in the environment and lifestyle choices (such as smoking) may affect reproductive health. The more we learn about these exposures, the more we can improve the environment and provide care for couples trying to get pregnant.

HSPH Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency (OEMR)
The Harvard School of Public Health OEMR is a fully ACGME-accredited 2-year training program for physicians leading to board-eligibility in Occupational/Environmental Medicine (one of the three specialties of Preventive Medicine).

HSPH Lung Cancer Susceptibility and Outcomes Study (Lung Cancer S.O.S.)
Led by Dr. David C. Christiani, Lung Cancer S.O.S. started recruiting patients from Massachusettes General Hospital in 1992.

HSPH Occupational Injury Prevention in Safety and Epidemiology
The Harvard School of Public Health Occupational Injury Prevention Training Program meets the need for development of occupational injury research expertise to examine and prevent workplace injuries.

International Research
The faculty of the Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology Program (EOME) are leading investigations around the globe into the health of workers and the environment.