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Deadline for Application – Exec. Ed.: Emerging Women Executives in Health Care

May 27th

In Person
Three female executives sitting at a table sharing information

 June 4 – 7, 2024

Deadline to apply for this program: 05/27/2024

A Health Care Leadership Development Program focused on Women

Health care executives must overcome diverse and complex challenges to improve the health of patients and populations. In an industry of escalating demands to improve quality and access while managing costs, addressing these issues requires leadership skills specific to the health care environment.

This health care leadership development program focused on women, is designed to provide you with both the knowledge and the skills you need to face the challenges of leading complex health care organizations. This program provides leaders with the opportunity to be in a classroom among female executives and those that support the advancement of women leaders from around the world and focuses on helping women in senior positions develop effective leadership strategies to improve organizational performance.

As a participant, you will develop the leadership skills needed to manage health care organizations efficiently and effectively by exploring topics that include:

  • Applying effective leadership styles
  • Building and leading teams
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Influencing with and without authority
  • Managing and sustaining change
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Organizational politics
  • Performance improvement strategies
  • Strategic planning

As you move higher in your organization, you face a greater breadth of challenges. These require superior leadership and management skills and comfort dealing with ambiguity. This program will provide you with a set of tools and ways of thinking to become a more effective leader. The program will explore:

  • The impact of the policy environment on health care systems and the challenges and opportunities facing your organization as a result. This will better equip you to think more creatively about your own and your leadership group’s roles and responsibilities in a rapidly changing environment and to prioritize more effectively
  • Cutting edge research on women and leadership to learn what underlies women’s leadership styles and practices and to enhance your own effectiveness as a leader
  • Structural, political, cultural and individual attributes of organizations and how recognizing opportunities, managing constraints, and understanding individual and organizational values alignment can enhance your effectiveness
  • Methods to recognize opportunities, managing constraints, and understanding how individual and organizational values alignment can enhance your effectiveness
  • Skills and strategies in negotiation, managing conflict, coalition-building, and influencing—key attributes fundamental to successful organizational life
  • Organizational performance improvement techniques, particularly when such critical values as patient safety and innovation compete for resources and focus
  • New management, leadership and change frameworks, models and best practices

Deadline to apply for this program: 05/27/2024

Program runs  June 4 – 7, 2024


Date: May 27th
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