Harvard Pop Center Social Demography Seminar with Rourke O’Brien: “Fiscal structures and economic mobility in the U.S.”

Virtual In Person

Rourke O’Brien, PhD, assistant professor of sociology, Yale University, and former Harvard RWJF Health & Society Scholar, will present in person “Fiscal structures and economic mobility in the U.S.” Join us at the Pop Center OR register to attend via Zoom. The Social Demography Seminar (SDS) series at the Center for Population and Development Studies … Continue reading "Harvard Pop Center Social Demography Seminar with Rourke O’Brien: “Fiscal structures and economic mobility in the U.S.”"

GHP Thursday Brown Bag Seminar Series


Join the Department of Global Health and Population via Zoom for our weekly Thursday Brown Bag Series. On November 17th, Rebecca Katz, PhD, MPH, will present, “Global Health Security and Diplomacy in a ‘Post-Pandemic’ Era”. Dr. Katz serves as Professor and Director at Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security. The Thursday Brown … Continue reading "GHP Thursday Brown Bag Seminar Series"

12th Annual Alice Hamilton Award Lecture

Virtual In Person

Alice Hamilton was the first woman appointed to the Harvard Faculty in 1919 as Assistant Professor of Industrial Medicine. The Alice Hamilton Award recognizes an especially promising tenure-track investigator in public health whose work has already made a significant impact and who demonstrates exceptional future promises. The event will be held in Kresge Cafeteria.

Anatomy Day 2022

In Person

The Center for the History of Medicine in the Countway Library, including its Warren Anatomical Museum, holds an extraordinary collection of rare books and artifacts testifying to the complex history of anatomy. On Thursday, November 17, we invite you to explore transformative anatomical atlases such as those by Vesalius (1543) and William Hunter (1774), learn about historical aids … Continue reading "Anatomy Day 2022"

A New Face on an Old Disease: Monkeypox in Occupational Health Settings

Virtual In Person

This is a Grand Rounds presentation provided by the Harvard Chan Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency. Rachael Zacks, MD, MPH, chief resident, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program and Erini Iliaki, MD, MPH, infectious disease specialist, Cambridge Health Alliance, will discuss the unique epidemiologic characteristics of the 2022 monkeypox outbreak, discuss the clinical and treatment … Continue reading "A New Face on an Old Disease: Monkeypox in Occupational Health Settings"

Implementation Science Approaches for Occupational Safety and Health Research

Virtual In Person

Rebecca J. Guerin, PhD, CHES, Chief, Social Science and Translation Research Branch, Division of Science Integration, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will define implementation science and discuss its importance to and application for occupational safety and health research.  She will differentiate implementation outcomes from effectiveness outcomes.

MIPS Seminar: Pluripotent stem cells to model and treat lung disease

Virtual In Person

The derivation of relatively undifferentiated lung progenitors as well as differentiated lung epithelia from pluripotent stem cells in culture enables access to a wide variety of cells for basic developmental studies, in vitro disease modeling, and potential therapeutic applications. This seminar will focus on recent progress in generating the two principal epithelial stem cell types … Continue reading "MIPS Seminar: Pluripotent stem cells to model and treat lung disease"

Research Scientist Review Committee Meeting


The Research Scientist Review Committee meets approximately every two months during the school year to review proposals for research scientist appointments, reappointments, and promotions.  The committee votes during session and ensures that the position is at the appropriate research scientist level and that the nominee meets the qualifications required for appointment. (Established 1998)