The Harvard Chan Freezer Core is a centralized Chan School resource that assists research groups in multiple ways including:

  • storing and retrieving research samples from a large, automated -80°C freezer
  • processing and aliquoting samples with an automated liquid handler
  • assisting with sample transfers and freezer consolidations
  • data management and organization for samples stored with the Freezer Core

When storing samples in the automated freezer

Required Not allowed
  • Stored in wider cryobox
  • stored in tubes suitable for cryogenic storage
  • breakable or fragile tubes
  • closed firmly (screw cap preferred)
  • unsealed or leaking
  • stored in a pop top sample tube
  • categorized as biosafety level 1 or 2
  • categorized as biohazard level 3 or above
  • radioactive
  • samples without COMS review and approval

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