The Harvard Chan Freezer Core assists with storing and retrieving research samples from a large, automated -80°C freezer. This storage option provides an alternative storage solution to upright and chest -80°C freezers.

The refrigeration system has backup capabilities to ensure samples remain cold. The system uses two refrigeration cabinets which can operate independently, and there is a liquid nitrogen (LN2) backup to protect the samples in the event of multiple failures.

All -80°C storage locations are enclosed in a larger -20°C space. When samples move through the freezer, they are not exposed to room temperature air. The -20°C space helps keep the samples cold.

The freezer can read and track 2D barcodes located on individual sample tubes and sample storage racks. This ability to read barcodes helps improve sample tracking, as we can identify where your sample is located without having to bring any samples to room temperature air.

Please contact the Freezer Core staff to learn more about how this storage solution might work well for your project!

You can also submit a service request to load samples, retrieve samples, or ask the Freezer Core a question.