Health Data Science

Master of Science in Health Data Science

Leverage your skills in statistics, computer science & software engineering and begin your career in the booming field of health data science

The Master of Science (SM) in Health Data Science is designed to provide rigorous quantitative training and essential statistical and computing skills needed to manage and analyze health science data to address important questions in public health and biomedical sciences.

The 16-month program blends strong statistical and computational training to solve emerging problems in public health and the biomedical sciences. This training will enable students to manage and analyze massive, noisy data sets and learn how to interpret their findings. The program will provide training in three principal pillars of health data science: statistics, computing, and health sciences.

Students in the program will learn to:

  • Wrangle and transform data to perform meaningful analyses
  • Visualize and interpret data and effectively communicate results and findings
  • Apply statistical methods to draw scientific conclusions from data
  • Utilize statistical models and machine learning
  • Apply methods for big data to reveal patterns, trends, and associations
  • Employ high-performance scientific computing and software engineering
  • Collaborate with a team on a semester-long, data driven research project

The SM in Health Data Science is designed to be a terminal professional degree, giving students essential skills for the job market. At the same time, it provides a strong foundation for students interested in obtaining a PhD in biostatistics or other quantitative or computational science with an emphasis in data science and its applications in health science.