Heather Mattie

Instructor of Data Science

Executive Director, Master’s Program in Health Data Science

Department of Biostatistics

655 Huntington Avenue
Building I, 4th floor Room 421A
Boston, MA 02115
Email: hemattie@hsph.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 432-5308



Dr. Mattie’s network science research interests include tie strength estimation and prediction for large-scale social networks and network data imputation. Dr. Mattie’s data science research interests include methods to limit algorithmic bias and studying the causes and potential pathways of improvement for health disparities.

Dr. Mattie is involved in the diversity and inclusion efforts of the Biostatistics department and enjoys mentoring students.


Artificial intelligence and algorithmic bias: implications for health systems by T Panch, H Mattie, R Atun. J Glob Health2019 Dec; 9(2): 010318. Journal

A framework for predicting impactability of digital care management using machine learning methods by H Mattie,  P Reidy, P Bachtiger, E Lindemer, N Nikolaev, M Jouni, J Schaefer, M Sherman, T Panch. Population Health Management (2019) Journal

Turning the crank for machine learning: ease, at what expense? by T Pollard, I Chen, J Wiens, S Horng, D Wong, M Ghassemi, H Mattie, E Lindemer, T Panch. The Lancet Digital Health 1:5 (2019) Journal 

The “inconvenient truth” about AI in healthcare by T Panch, H Mattie, L A Celi. npj Digital Medicine 2:77 (2019) Journal

Dating app use and unhealthy weight control behaviors among a sample of U.S. adults: a cross-sectional study by A Tran, C Suharlim, H Mattie, K Davison, M Agenor, S B Austin. Journal of eating disorders 7:1 (2019) Journal

Understanding tie strength in social networks using a local “bow tie” framework by H Mattie, K Engo-Monsen, R Ling, JP Onnela. Scientific Reports 8 (2018) Journal

Generalizations of edge overlap to weighted and directed networks by H Mattie, JP Onnela. Under review (2017) arXiv


BST 260: Introduction to Data Science, Course website

BST 261: Data Science II (Deep Learning), Course GitHub repository

BST 270: Reproducible Data Science

HDSC 325: Health Data Science Capstone Course


Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2017, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
S.M. Biostatistics, 2013, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
M.S. Mathematics, 2010, Claremont Graduate University
B.S. Mathematics, 2008, University of La Verne