Abrania Marrero

Abrania is a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Nutrition. Her research investigates sociocultural and environmental changes in small island food systems, including the impacts of colonial and climatic shocks on local agriculture, nutrition, and cardiometabolic disease. In Puerto Rico, she is deeply committed to community partnerships aiming to preserve healthful, traditional food customs; ameliorate urban food insecurity through locally produced food access; and promote uptake of climate resilient farming practices. Abrania is dedicated to rigorous, interdisciplinary pedagogy, scholarship, and research translation. She has served as an Agent of Change in Environmental Justice for the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health; a graduate fellow in the Abigail Adams Institute; a bench scientist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service; a consultant for the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment; and a teaching fellow at Harvard University for various courses in quantitative methods, global health, and the nutritional sciences. She has a PhD in Population Health Sciences and an SM in Biostatistics from Harvard as well as a BS in Psychology and BSPH in Public Health, Minor in Chemistry from Tulane University.