Alan Espinosa

Alan is a Doctoral student in the Population Health Sciences program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Nutrition. He concentrates on Nutritional Epidemiology to evaluate diet-disease associations and inform evidence-based decisions to reduce malnutrition and non-communicable diseases in countries of Latin America. Most recently, Alan’s research focused on assessing the role of artificial sweeteners in metabolic outcomes and evaluating diet quality (predominantly using the Global Diet Quality Score) in human and planetary health.

Beyond his research activities, he collaborates with the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition “Salvador Zubiran” (Mexico City) to translate nutritional research into clinical medicine. Alan also coordinates one of the Mexican Iberoamerican Cochrane Centers to lead systematic reviews and meta-analyses assessing dietary exposures in the outcomes of chronic diseases. Additionally, he co-founded a company that supports non-profit organizations and government assistance programs to reduce childhood anemia in Mexico and Honduras.

Alan holds a BSc in Nutrition (Universidad Marista, Mexico), a postgraduate degree in Biostatistics (UADY, Mexico), and a Master of Sciences in Nutritional Epidemiology (Harvard School of Public Health).