Claudia Martinez

Claudia is a nutritionist/dietitian from México. She obtained a B.S., MSc. in Nutrition and Diabetes Educator Diploma from the University of Guadalajara, México. Currently, she is in her fourth year of Doctorate in Population Nutrition Sciences at Mexican National Institute of Public Health (INSP). In México, she worked at the Mexican Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute (ISSSTE) and as professor at University of Guadalajara.

Claudia joined to Professor Mattei’s research team as a visiting scientist. Her doctoral project is focused in patterns of meal frequency and weight change and incidence of diabetes in a cohort of Mexican Teachers (ESMaestras) follow-up Study (>100,000 participants followed since 2006).

The main research interests are lifestyle, diet patterns and outcomes as weight change, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular risk factors in population-based studies. Also, she is interested in expanding her research to genetic markers and diet.