Jaqueline Lopes Pereira

Jaqueline is a nutritionist/dietitian from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She obtained a B.A. and MSc. in Nutrition in Public Health in the School Public Health at the University of São Paulo, and she is currently a PhD student in the same institution.

She has experience in the area of Nutrition, with emphasis on nutritional epidemiology, health surveys, dietary intake assessment, 24-hour recalls, database analysis, and dietary variability. Currently, she is working in the Health Survey of Sao Paulo project (ISA-Capital) and her main research interests are diet quality, obesity and cardiovascular risk factors.

Jaqueline joined Professor Mattei’s research team as a visiting scientist, with a research project that intends to compare the diet quality and its association with prevalence of overweight/obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors between Brazilian adolescents living São Paulo (Brazil) and Latino adolescents living in the USA, from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL-Youth).

Jaqueline’s curriculum