Jhordan Wynne

Jhordan is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Jhordan’s research interests encompass early food environments, breastfeeding and the onset of preventable chronic diseases. She is also interested in intergenerational approaches to chronic disease prevention. Her work focuses on Black and Afro-Latin populations in the Americas, and other under-researched minority populations. Jhordan obtained her BAs in Spanish and Global Environment and Health, as well as her MPH in Health Behavior & Health Education from the University of Michigan, where her researched centered on psychosocial factors associated with decisions to breastfeed. Her research and public health training have allowed her to work in Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Grenada. Prior to beginning the doctoral program, Jhordan worked as a researcher and intervention director for the Black Women’s Wellness Project, a clinical trial addressing the burden of overweight and obesity among Black women in southeast Michigan.