Lais Duarte Batista

Lais is a Doctoral Candidate in Nutrition in Public Health at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. She joined Professor Mattei’s research team as a visiting scientist, with a research project investigating cardiometabolic risk factors and fatty acids composition in erythrocytes membranes in Brazilian adults living in São Paulo (ISA-Capital) and Puerto Rican adults residing in the Greater Boston area, from the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study Projects (BPRHS). They aim at identifying and comparing cut-off points for the omega-3 index related to cardiometabolic risk factors in Brazilian and Puerto Rican middle-aged adults, two populations with different heritages and dietary intake contexts, but an interchangeable prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors.

Her experience and research interests focus on nutritional epidemiology, health surveys, dietary intake assessment, validation studies, and cardiometabolic risk factors. She is a member of the Dietary Assessment Research Group in Brazil (GAC-USP), where she has been working for the last five years, mainly focusing on methods and techniques for dietary assessment (predictive equations for total energy requirements and misreporting of energy intake validation with doubly labeled water).

She holds a BSc. In Nutrition (Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil), a postgraduate degree in Nutrition in Scholar Feeding (Universidade Cândido Mendes, Brazil), and a Master of Science in Nutrition in Public Health (University of São Paulo, Brazil).