Causal Inference Book

I am working on the book Causal Inference (Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2015) with my colleague Jamie Robins.

The book provides a cohesive presentation of concepts of, and methods for, causal inference. Much of this material is currently scattered across journals in several disciplines or confined to technical articles. We expect that the book will be of interest to anyone interested in causal inference, e.g., epidemiologists, statisticians, psychologists, economists, sociologists, other social scientists… The book is geared towards graduate students and practitioners.

We have divided the book in 3 parts of increasing difficulty: causal inference without models, causal inference with models, and causal inference from complex longitudinal data. We will make drafts of selected book sections available on this website. The idea is that interested readers can submit suggestions or criticisms before the book is published. If you wish to share any comments, please email me or visit us on Facebook (user causalinference).

Follow the links below to access different parts of the book:

  • Part I, Chapters 1-10 (updated 16 February 2015)
  • Part II, Chapters 11-15 (updated 20 April 2014)
  • References
  • NHEFS data, in SAS and MS Excel formats
  • Codebook for NHEFS data
  • SAS programs for Part II
  • STATA programs for Part II, by Jay Kaufman, Israel Agaku, and Ehsan Karim
  • R programs for Part II, by Ehsan Karim, Susan Gruber, and Robert Platt

Warning: These documents are drafts. We are constantly revising and correcting errors without documenting the changes. Please make sure you use the most updated version posted here.

We thank Stephen Cole, Sander Greenland, Jay Kaufman, Tyler VanderWeele, and Jan Vandenbroucke for detailed comments. Goodarz Danaei, Kosuke Kawai, Martin Lajous, and Kathleen Wirth contributed to the creation of the analytic dataset. Roger Logan is our LaTex and SAS wizard. Randall Chaput helped create the figures. Rob Calver is our supportive, and patient, editor.

The following people have helped us improve the book: Kafui Adjaye-Gbewonyo, Alvaro Alonso, Katherine Almendinger, Ingelise Andersen, Juan José Beunza, Karen Biala, Joanne Brady, Shan Cai, Birgitte Frederiksen, Tadayoshi Fushiki, Leticia Grize, Dominik Hangartner, John Jackson, Laura Khan, Dae Hyun Kim, Lauren Kunz, Martín Lajous, Angeliki Lambrou, Mohammad Ali Mansournia, Giovanni Marchetti, Lauren McCarl, Louis Mittel, Hannah Oh, Ibironke Olofin, Robert Paige, Jeremy Pertman, Melinda Power, Bruce Psaty, Brian Sauer, Ian Shrier, Yan Song, Øystein Sørensen, Etsuji Suzuki, Sonja Swanson, Mohammad Tavakkoli, Sarah Taubman, Evan Thacker, Vera Zietemann, and Dorith Zimmermann.