Sharing a story of overcoming adversity

Herman Williams audience

November 15, 2018 – Herman Williams, MPH ’88, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Regional Care Hospital Partners in Nashville, Tennessee, gave a talk at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health on October 13, 2018 on how to overcome adversity and rediscover purpose.

Williams told the audience in FXB G-13 about how, on the cusp of finishing an orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Washington, he suffered a disabling heart attack that forced him to sacrifice his dream of becoming a surgeon for professional athletes—events that are detailed in his book “Clear!: Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of.” In spite of this setback, he went on to find personal happiness and professional success in health care management. Williams shared his personal narrative of perseverance and resilience and offered keys to surviving and thriving.

Williams was introduced by Betty Johnson, assistant dean for faculty and staff diversity, development and leadership. The lecture was sponsored by the Office of the Dean.

Zennon Black

photo: Cristin Martineau