New Harvard Chan School Dean Andrea Baccarelli welcomed at reception

Dean Andrea Baccarelli at welcoming reception
Andrea Baccarelli, dean of the faculty at Harvard Chan School

January 10, 2024 – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health welcomed its new dean of faculty, Andrea Baccarelli, at a community reception in Kresge Cafeteria on January 9. Baccarelli, who began his tenure on January 1, is the 16th dean since the School’s founding in 1913.

In his opening remarks, Harvard Interim President Alan Garber asked, “Who could best advance the mission of a School that does so much to contribute to good in the world? … We have found the right person, with the help of many people who are in this room.”

Harvard Interim President Alan Garber, Jane Kim, and Andrea Baccarelli
Harvard Interim President Alan Garber, Jane Kim, and Baccarelli

Garber then thanked Jane Kim for serving as interim dean. Kim, who resumed her role as dean for academic affairs, passed along some keepsakes to Baccarelli that have been handed down from dean to dean over the years, including the key to a time capsule created in 2013 during Harvard Chan School’s centennial. The capsule includes a variety of artifacts, including records of scientific achievement and personal messages, and will be opened in 2063, during the School’s 150th anniversary.

Baccarelli thanked everyone for their support and encouraged people to continue sending their ideas and suggestions on what they see as the School’s challenges and opportunities.

He noted that as he researched the School prior to his appointment, he was particularly impressed by the Principles of Citizenship, which were developed last year to lay out guidelines for building the School’s institutional culture.

Baccarelli also spoke of his enthusiasm for “dreaming big,” which was the title of his first message to the community as dean, and emphasized that can’t happen without everyone working together. “I can’t wait to start” he said.

Todd Datz

Photos: Kent Dayton