Calculating the high cost of women’s reproductive health care

Over the course of her adult life, a woman could spend an estimated $15,000 on Pap smears, HPV tests, birth control, and feminine hygiene products, according to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health student Leena Nitin Kulkarni, MPH ’19. In a Huffington Post opinion piece published August 31, 2018, she also calculated the out-of-pocket costs for pregnancy care and childbirth and how her wages and benefits might have been impacted if she had a child on her former salary as a teacher. The price tag added up to $154,643—the price of a Porsche or four years of college tuition, Kulkarni wrote.

By contrast, a man who receives annual physicals including prostate exams and testicular cancer screenings, uses a daily condom, and receives a vasectomy and prostate biopsy would spend an estimated $28,866 for his lifetime reproductive health care, she wrote.

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