Making way for millennials in the health care industry

Members of the millennial generation—born between 1982 and 2004—are now the largest segment of the workforce. Health care institutions will need to adapt to keep them happy and engaged, according to an article on the website Hospitals & Health Networks. Two alumni of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Masters in Health Care Management Program were among the experts who weighed in for the November 16, 2016 article.

William Hartenbach, SM ’15, said that working with millennials has changed his attitude about work-life balance for clinicians. “I think it’s increasingly important to make sure that you don’t get burned out. It’s a long career and it’s fairly intense and the stakes are high.” An executive vice president of anesthesia services for physician staffing firm EmCare, Hartenbach said that the millennials he’s hired and promoted “have done a fabulous job” when given the chance to lead and direct.

Cindy Roark, SM ’15, president and CEO of Synergy Population Health, offered her top 10 tips for managing millennials, which include making time for team building and camaraderie, and providing frequent feedback.

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