Glorian Sorensen honored for advancing science of workplace health and well-being

Glorian Sorenson
Glorian Sorenson holds her HERO award

Glorian Sorensen, professor of social and behavioral sciences, received the 2017 Mark Dundon Research Award, one of the annual HERO Workplace Health and Well-Being (HWB) Awards. These awards honor dedication and commitment to the field, and acknowledge outstanding achievements in leadership and research. The award was presented during the HERO Forum on Engagement & the Emerging Workforce, held September 12-14, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ.

Sorensen’s research focuses on randomized worksite– and community–based studies that test the effectiveness of health interventions targeting individual and organizational change.

“Glorian is a recognized leader in conducting and disseminating research that has advanced the science of workplace health and well-being,” Paul Terry, president and CEO of HERO, said in a statement. “She is a pioneer in well-being research, having conducted some of the first randomized, controlled worksite trials that examine occupational health and health behaviors. Glorian’s work has helped shape the direction of the well-being industry and her accomplishments make her a natural fit for the Mark Dundon Research Award.”

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